How do you serve more customers in less time?

Automation! But, just the right amount.

Customers want fast, friendly, and easy service. You want increased efficiencies along with increased revenues. With a blended strategy for automation, your contact center will empower the customer who prefers self-service while freeing up agents who are needed for the higher touch personal interactions. This provides faster response and resolution while minimizing customer effort.

How can automation benefit your contact center?

  • Business Process Automation enhances team collaboration by automating tasks, resulting in increased efficiencies.
  • Speech and data analytics allow for real-time automated call scoring, agent coaching, and training, resulting in stronger agents and happier customers.
  • Business Intelligence provides immediately actionable insight by aggregating your data into smart dashboards.

Pegasystems recently reported (What Consumers Really Think About AI) that approximately half of us have interacted with chat bots and were unaware at the time. The report also revealed that 68% of those surveyed were receptive to using AI if it made their life easier. And, according to Gartner, by the year 2020 – 85% of customers expect no human interaction, making self-service and AI bots the way of the future.

AVDS has a team of contact center experts ready to help you create a successful blended automation strategy. For more info on cutting edge CX solutions, call AVDS today. The conversation is free. The possibilities are unlimited!


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