Need a quick, easy, flowchart of the IVR? Searching the IVR for a recording? IVR audit time, again?

AVDS IVR Visualizer + PureConnect

Increase your ability to optimize, correct, and maintain consistency in call flows and your IVR documentation. Created by our Development Pros at AVDS, a Genesys AppFoundry member, the IVR Visualizer for PureConnect is a web-based application that provides various tools to manage Interaction Attendant profiles by automatically creating a visual representation of the call flows as well as providing search capabilities on those call flows. In addition, comprehensive reports can be generated to simplify and streamline documentation objectives. Reports can then be exported to a variety of industry standard formats for use in other applications and presentations.

IVR Visualizer for PureConnect flowchart

Some of the Benefits of IVR Visualizer for PureConnect include:

  • Sort and Search within the Attendant. Find those call flows that may be “buried”.
  • Generate flow charts and diagrams of the IVR. Visualize where your call routes are.
  • Export to various formats for reporting and analytics. Useful for spreadsheets, auditing, etc.

AVDS IVR Visualizer for PureConnect

AVDS is a Genesys Gold Partner and AppFoundry member. We have a team of certified engineers specializing in PureConnect and PureCloud Solutions, Services, and Customization (Genesys PureConnect was formerly Interactive Intelligence CIC).

Contact AVDS for a demo and to get the latest version of IVR Visualizer for PureConnect.

AVDS Genesys Gold Partner


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