Do Customers Want Faster or Better? The KPI Conundrum!

The short answer is “Yes!”. Customers want faster AND better.

It’s all about balance.

A Gallup analysis examining customer engagement with a bank revealed their customers were affected by the speed of service. Sure, we expect speed of service to be a customer consideration. But, they also revealed the customer’s perception of the tellers’ courtesy and willingness to help were far more important than the speed of service. And, in fact, the faster the service the less perception of willingness to help.

KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, are a key part of the success of the modern contact center. And, rightly so. We must measure, monitor, and manage KPI’s to affect positive change in the customer experience. However, in many cases, we seem to be striving for faster metrics. In this modern “fast food” society, it’s no doubt that consumers like fast service. But, they love friendly service. And they dislike being rushed. Rushed service translates into rude behavior.

The fact is, great service beats fast service. According to RightNow’s Customer Experience Impact study, consumers indicated that a “rude, incompetent staff” was the No. 1 reason why they would abandon a business, 18% more often than “issues weren’t resolved in a timely manner.”

Managing your contact center and providing the optimum customer experience requires balance. How do you achieve that balance? By properly analyzing and managing your contact center data and KPI’s.

Team AVDS can show you how to successfully analyze your data, monitor your KPI’s, and manage your contact center performance to achieve the optimum balance and the perfect customer experience.

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