Journey Mapping – An Outside-In Approach to Delivering Great Customer Experience

Journey Mapping is rapidly becoming a “must have” for today’s modern contact center and enterprise services businesses. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the various steps a customer goes through when engaging with your business. In each industry, only the subset of journeys that drive high transaction costs or high incremental customer value (CX, loyalty, up-sell) really matter. These are where we focus efforts for the greatest returns.

Companies that focus on journey optimization perform dramatically better. Taking a journey-focused, outside-in approach to continuous CX optimization helps put the customer at the center of your business strategy, which in turn drives loyalty and revenue. Companies with a mature approach to customer experience take a disciplined approach to continuous improvement, with the ongoing assessment and optimization of customer journeys as a core practice.

So how do you visualize the outside-in scenario to see the full picture including customer perceptions, mobile and social media engagement? By creating journey maps which visually document a customer persona’s needs, perceptions and the touchpoints encountered for each step towards the customer’s journey goal.

Journey maps serve as a corrective lens, providing an outside-in perspective and helping multiple teams within the organization understand the big picture from the customer’s perspective and create a shared understanding of the experience.

Journey Maps are instrumental in identifying latent user needs and pain. Correctly applied, they:

  • Surface customer-centric insights into back-office and customer-facing systems that inform opportunities and drive business value
  • Deliver the context needed to support solution ideation and the validation, prioritization, design and testing of solutions for each idea
  • Inform where to apply more effort, personalization, consistency or proactive communication to improve the customer experience

You can then apply prioritization criteria and review early metrics to identify which journeys matter most to your customers and present the greatest opportunity to reduce pain and increase customer satisfaction. When evaluating where to start, work to factor in the goals of your organization as well as cost, revenue, retention, brand reinforcement, customer satisfaction or other KPI-based benefit drivers as weighted selection criteria. Creating a weighted matrix for prioritization has the additional benefit of providing transparency and alignment across the organization to focus on common goals. Scoring opportunities by effort and value is another clear route to prioritization.

Leveraging this information will lend to the successful design of your Customer Experience strategy. Once we can recognize and map the customer’s journey across touchpoints and preserve context for the interactions, we’re now in an actionable position to assess each customer journey in context of the opportunity to improve service. We can:

  • Leverage business rules and orchestration to be proactive and reduce customer effort
  • Leverage real-time analysis to determine next best actions and shape the customer’s experience at each moment of opportunity
  • Use analytics against outcomes to measure results and drive insights for improvement via closed loop optimization

Download your #Genesys eBook on #Journey #Mapping to learn:

  1. What is a customer journey?
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