Is Friday the End of the Week?

The calendar says the week starts on Sunday. My schedule tells me the week starts on Monday with a morning meeting. So, is Friday the end of the week when the weekend is only 2 days? If Friday were truly part of the weekend, would we get 3 days off? Why does my calendar start on Sunday? Why does everyone start hating Monday a day early? Should I feel like I’m starting the week a day late? Or, maybe feel like I’m wrapping it up a day early? Why are we all thanking God that it is Friday? I mean, we still had to work, right? Now, if I could get every Friday off…I would definitely thank God for Fridays. I guess I still thank God for Fridays. Maybe just not always that it IS Friday. I try not to start hating Monday on Sunday. Just seems like a good way to wreck a Sunday worrying about Monday.

What does this all mean? Just that our Team at AVDS is available 24/7 and wishes you and yours a Happy Friday, a great weekend, and always a wonderful week.

If your office has business challenges that make you fear Monday give us a call. We make it easy to do business every day of the week!


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