Decisions, Decisions, Decisions™…

In today’s active contact center it seems like we are making a million decisions a day. What if you could automate much of that decision making process and free up your mind, and your time, for better things? Who wouldn’t love that!? Well, with AVDS and Decisions™ by Genesys we can help you make the right Decisions.

Decisions™ is the industry standard strategic planning and analysis system for leading contact center organizations. Decisions™ gives you the planning and analysis sophistication you need to implement innovative staffing strategies, develop more precise hiring plans, and proactively manage challenges in your business. Using Decisions, your organization will significantly reduce staffing costs while improving key customer service quality performance.

With Decisions*:

  • Save 5%-10% of agent staffing costs
  • Save 50%-80% of annual planning and analysis hours
  • Reduce time to market with new ideas
  • Make fast and accurate contact center decisions
  • Achieve a higher ROI on capital expenditures

*The last 10 Decisions customers payback period was less than 6 months.

Decisions is a what-if trend analysis, staff planning and budget planning system for contact centers. At its core is a series of algorithms that develop very efficient operational plans and accurate forecasts in minutes. This allows the system to be a bigger-picture analytic tool for executives and WFM planners to answer important questions around operational risk, service delivery, customer experience, and resourcing options.

A Slow Decision is No Decision

Decisions determines, fast and accurately, the following planning steps at your contact center:

  • Forecasts all important planning metrics
  • Simulates to accurately determine how many agents you need week after week
  • Develops highly efficient just-in-time hiring and overtime plans for optimal use of your labor pool
  • Rolls the capacity plan into an accurate budget

How Decisions™ Improves Business Operations: 

  • Payroll budget
  • Recruiting budget
  • Training budget
  • Just in time hiring
  • Management of shrinkage
  • Weekly review of forecast data

AVDS is a long standing certified Genesys Gold Partner and contact center solutions expert. There is no one better qualified to help you make the right Decisions™! Contact AVDS today and let us show you how we make it easy to do business.

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