Silos Damage the Customer Experience

Silos may be a great way to store grain, but can cause problems when silo mentality runs unchecked in a company. 

We have all seen silos at work. And, some actually do; they can be beneficial when used properly and can provide companies with a structure that works. They often contribute to the development of specialized expertise in different areas and promote a sense of individuality, accountability, and responsibility. Silos also act as a method for ensuring focus around specific business deliverables. These are all good things, so why can silos be such a major hindrance to organizational growth?

The short answer, silos encourage behaviors that are beneficial to the occupants of the silo, but are often not in the best interest of the overall business or its customers. It also plays into the hands of corporate politics by working to keep things private. And we all know that in office politics, information is power.

A recent survey from the American Management Association showed that 83% of executives said that silos existed in their companies and that 97% think they have a negative effect.

Choosing the right technology to design and orchestrate customer engagement across all digital channels and voice is key to delivering on customer expectations for effortless omnichannel experiences.

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