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Trust me, if you want a good haircut, I’m not your guy.


I’ve been a network engineer, providing design and support, for over 25 years. I’ve often joked, don’t call me to cut your hair and I won’t call you to install my network. We all have strengths and expertise. Why not

Risk Management & Compliance in the Contact Center: How Voice Data Can Help.

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As well as consistently working to improve customer experience and maximize sales, contact centers today are faced with perhaps the most daunting challenge of all: remaining compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations and ensuring watertight data protection policies. The ramifications

The Evolution of Technology: From a Railroad to Wireless.


The United States railway system is a phenomenal story. In 1828 the B&O Railroad was born. Yes, the one on the Monopoly board. Spawning towns across the nation, connecting farms and cities, delivering mail and goods; the railways system was

6 Major Components of the Modern Contact Center


Digital Transformation has been going on around us for years. I personally don’t know anyone who has celebrated the completion of theirs. Why? Because it’s a dynamically evolving strategy. As long as technology advances, we must change with it. What

Reduce Customer Churn by 15%


If you are not understanding 100% of the Voice of the Customer, maybe your on-hold music should be “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Predictive Conversational Analytics leverages AI to understand the Voice of the Customer. AI knows words and phrases,

What is Wrong with Call Scoring by Humans?


Simply put, manual call scoring is a flawed approach based on chance. The chance that you pick the right call to score out of the sea of interactions coming in to your agents. And, the chance that you are not

Here is the problem with your Quality Assurance practice…


83% of all companies still list customer experience in their top 3 business strategies, and many of these organizations have “Voice of the Customer” programs without leveraging the most important data – the actual VOICE of the customer. To shape the

LAST CHANCE: Learn Why Conversational Analytics is THE Contact Center GAME CHANGER!

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You don’t have to be a giant corporation to take advantage of this surging technology. Join #AVDS and #CallJourney to learn how speech analytics can set you apart from your competition. A conversation is more than just words, it’s a

There is a Storm Coming. Are You Prepared?


Based on historic activity and according to NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), September is the worst time of the year for storms and hurricanes, especially in the Atlantic region. Make no mistake, there is a storm coming. Does

This is How You Increase Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores!

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Increase your NPS, the accurate way. The flaws with Net Promoter Score (NPS) are many. In addition to being after the fact, it is derived from only a small sample of interactions as opposed to the entire population. Add to