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8 Must Have KPIs for Measuring CX and Contact Center Success.


Measuring success can be challenging. Especially in the contact center. So, business is doing well, right? Are you contributing to that success? Or maybe business is doing poorly. Is that because of your contact center? The only way to know

Elevating your Contact Center KPI’s and Dashboards to the Executive Level

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This guest blog is courtesy of: Stephen Irecki  @sirecki Director, Global Customer Operations Prophecy International LinkedIn – Website How do you measure effectiveness and efficiency in your contact center? Or even in your organization? I ask these questions every single day to

Key Elements of a Great Customer Experience (CX) Strategy


Do I need a customer experience strategy? Here’s what the industry experts have found. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated – McKinsey 55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a

How can you get 12.5% improvement in Agent Handle Time (AHT)?


Evolving technology affects your business. You can’t sit still. You need a partner who can leverage the changing technology to help you improve your processes, offerings, and services. By now you have heard all the buzz words: Digitization, Transformation, Omnichannel,

Happy agents make for happy customers. How do you keep your agents happy?


So, how do you keep your agents happy? One sure way is with gamification. Yeah, that’s right…games at work. But not games instead of work. nGUVU engages your agents with gamification that make work more productive. Agents are motivated and