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Business Intelligence insight in seconds, not months!


By correlating and combining data from multiple business sources into tailored, real-time dashboard reports, eMite helps staff make better decisions, faster. And because it breaks down traditional information silos, eMite gives you a competitive advantage: more transparency, process, and productivity

Business Intelligence Tool vs. a Dashboard: Aren’t they the same?


Is a dashboard the same as a business intelligence solution? Yes and no…a basic dashboard provides some amount of business intelligence. That is true. However, a comprehensive business intelligence solution is like a dashboard on steroids. A true business intelligence

Elevating your Contact Center KPI’s and Dashboards to the Executive Level

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This guest blog is courtesy of: Stephen Irecki  @sirecki Director, Global Customer Operations Prophecy International LinkedIn – Website How do you measure effectiveness and efficiency in your contact center? Or even in your organization? I ask these questions every single day to