Genesys Decisions™

Transform Planning in Contact Centers

Decisions™ is the industry standard strategic planning and analysis system for leading contact center organizations. Decisions gives you the planning and analysis sophistication you need to implement innovative staffing strategies, develop more precise hiring plans, and proactively manage challenges in your business. Using Decisions, your organization will significantly reduce staffing costs while improving key customer service quality performance.

With Decisions*:

  • Save 5%-10% of agent staffing costs
  • Save 50%-80% of annual planning and analysis hours
  • Reduce time to market with new ideas
  • Make fast and accurate contact center decisions
  • Achieve a higher ROI on capital expenditures
    *The last 10 Decisions customers payback period was less than 6 months.

Decisions is a what-if analysis, staff planning and budget planning system for contact centers. At its core is a series of algorithms that develop very efficient operational plans and accurate forecasts in minutes. This allows the system to be a bigger-picture analytic tool for executives and WFM planners to answer important questions around operational risk, service delivery, customer experience, and resourcing options.

A Slow Decision is No Decision

Decisions determines, fast and accurately, the following planning steps at your contact center:

  • Forecasts all important planning metrics
  • Simulates to accurately determine how many agents you need week over week
  • Develop highly efficient just-in-time hiring and overtime plans for optimal use of your labor pool
  • Rolls the capacity plan into an accurate budget


Advanced features support planning and analysis for multi-skilled agents, multichannel servicing (email, chat, casework, and outbound phone), as well as forecasting and planning for customer experience metrics. Decisions will bring new capabilities to your planning and analysis team. We start with your historical contact center data and automate data capture. No more manually collecting time-critical performance data from sources all over the company. Data mart consolidates your performance data from phone, email, chat, and casework contact management systems as well as workforce management, staffing, and other systems. Decisions also stores and analyzes data from cost and revenue reporting applications for detailed financial analysis. It’s easy, because historical and planned call volume, staffing, shrinkage, and financial data are available in one place.

Requirement Simulation and Capacity Optimization

You can accurately predict the number of agents required based on average speed of answer, service level, or abandon rate goals. Simulation considers the impact of multi-skilled agents, routing efficiency, schedule adherence, and scheduling efficiency on customer behavior for each contact type. Using a spreadsheet to plan new-hire classes will seem as outdated as creating agent schedules with a pencil and paper after you use Decisions just-in-time hiring, overtime, and leave staffing features. Decisions makes sure agent capacity is available when needed. You will know precisely when, where, and how many agents to hire — and when to offer unpaid leave or overtime. Give your organization the direction it needs to drive down costs and consistently achieve service and customer experience goals over the course of your planning year. Use controllable shrinkage to schedule vacation, meetings, coaching, and training to fill workload gaps or address shortages in staffing weekly to annually. Planning these activities can reduce the need for new hires, overtime, or unpaid leave.

Powerful What-If Analysis

The contact center is critical to the success of your competitive strategy. Whether you want to be the low cost provider, the upscale brand, or the service leader — Decisions gives executives the information they need to successfully execute their contact center strategy. By evaluating the cost, customer experience, and risk profiles of multiple service goals, cost goals, and operating strategies the operation will be more efficient. You can assign contact volume, staff growth, and investment dollars by channel, site, agent group, or outsourcer to drive cost, customer satisfaction, and resources. Decisions enables you to understand all possible options and select the best one. Management can understand key trade-offs to any business decision and know the relationship between key performance drivers (e.g. call volume, AHT) vs. financial and operational performance (e.g. ASA, cost per call, revenue). Use this information to make the right decisions. Executives can proactively manage operational risk and be ready with plans A, B, and C to cover all potential scenarios. Decisions will help you understand how many agents are needed before a new marketing event takes place and how to reduce business reputation risk if contact volume or AHT trends are unfavorable.

Most what-if questions that planners are asked usually follow with more questions. Be able to answer sophisticated what-ifs, like evaluating the cost and service repercussions of internal or external changes to the operation. Analysts can handle critical executive questions and analysis challenges in minutes. What if you could answer questions in the board room at the next critical business meeting?

With Decisions your planners can:

  • Eliminate chasing and validating data from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets
  • Answer all what-if questions from executives and management within minutes, not days.
  • Automatically link your long term plans and budgets of your monthly resources to your weekly tactical plans.
  • Create an accurate single source of truth across all divisions and departments


Decisions final step rolls all planning scenarios into a budget allowing analysts, operations and senior management to make effective decisions that impact your business. The process take minutes and will allow your company to make ongoing decisions.

Get Results from the Start

Decisions is simple to implement and is available on-premises or in the cloud. Use it to drive business value and return on investment with the first capacity and staffing plan. Analysts will have time to do what they are supposed to do: create high value, and produce relevant analyses to support critical corporate decisions. They can spend time planning instead of gathering data or chasing down spreadsheet errors.

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Genesys, AVDS is able to simplify and automate technology to easily solve your most complex business challenges. Contact AVDS today and find out how we can help you make those tough Decisions easy.

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