Interaction Analyzer™

Gain detailed insight into how your business and customers interact. 

It is nearly impossible to manually review all of the contact center and business conversations and interactions. Listening to randomly selected calls just doesn’t make sense in this day of automation. Due to its manual nature, this process is expensive, so most organizations cannot afford to review more than about two percent of the calls they handle. Other communication channels like chat or email are usually handled by separate systems and teams, and often are reviewed even less frequently, and in isolation. When you only review a small percentage of the conversations that your organization has every day, you ignore a treasure trove of valuable insights about your business processes, customer requirements and workforce performance that lie hidden within those conversations.

Interaction Analyzer removes the barriers many contact center organizations face when trying to deploy a world-class speech and text analytics solution. Interaction Analyzer gives organizations deep insight into how they interact with their customers. Insight they can use to enhance agent performance, improve service delivery, and provide a customer-satisfying experience. It’s also cost effective to deploy and use – which makes for a quicker return on investment and maximum value.

Take action in real time – and beyond.

Unlike traditional speech analytic solutions that mine recorded call audio, Interaction Analyzer listens for, detects, and alerts on spoken words and phrases in real time. This approach allows contact centers to take action while calls are in process, not after they’ve ended.

Speech analytics results are also stored with the recordings to provide value beyond the real-time interaction. Businesses can quickly find high-value interactions based on what was said by either the agent or the customer to improve key business processes like quality monitoring, ensure regulatory compliance, or identify emerging trends in customer conversations.

Deliver value across the business.

Interaction Analyzer provides benefits to stakeholders within the contact center and throughout the organization.

Supervisors can be alerted in real time to issues currently occurring on a live call, allowing them to intervene when necessary, and avert undesirable outcomes.

QA Staff can decrease the time to locate the best interactions for evaluating and improving agent performance. They can easily find calls where service problems occurred, agents failed to follow defined procedures, or customer retention was at issue.

Management can identify and take action on service trends, improvement opportunities, or potential threats sooner rather than later.

Interaction Analyzer is a part of the Genesys workforce optimization (WFO) suite, a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance to achieve operational goals. Seamless integration with the Genesys PureConnect contact center solution ensures quick
deployment, lower operating costs, and worry-free operation. Genesys WFO provides feature-rich functionality for interaction recording, workforce management, quality management, customer feedback, strategic planning, and real-time speech analytics.

Key features

Real-time keyword and phrase spotting

  • Define lists of keywords with alternate spellings and scores
  • Associate keyword lists with one or more inbound/outbound queues
  • Differentiate between agent and customer sides of the conversation
  • Directly access high-fidelity audio streams to improve detection
  • Support multiple languages concurrently

Real-time Interaction Supervisor™ views — monitoring, alerting, interaction scoring

  • View spotted words and conversation scores per interaction for monitoring as desired
  • Receive alerts for calls when pre-determined thresholds are reached
  • Track overall scores by agent and queue Interaction Recorder® integration, store analytics results with recordings for quick search and trending analysis
  • Store spotted keywords with recordings for additional search capabilities
  • Tag recordings with keyword list category (e.g., unhappy customers)
  • Search for spotted keywords in playback — jump to a specific keyword and then listen IceLib™ customization
  • Make spotted keywords available in real-time for client-side integration Speech analytics reports
  • Report on keyword category and scoring trends by queue or agent

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