Network Assessment

Do you have a real-time view of your network performance? We can show you.

A successful installation of a VoIP Telephony system should begin with a proper VoIP Assessment of the network infrastructure. Benchmarks must be taken and bottlenecks identified to ensure all segments on which voice will be carried are sufficiently optimized. Leaving a network to chance without hard metrics gathering on the front end could mean the difference between a happy, satisfied user base or an overwhelmed technical support desk at cut-over.

Universal Visibility Across the LAN, WAN, VPN, and MPLS

Our VoIP Assessment and Monitoring appliance is the only performance monitoring solution that goes everywhere your critical applications go, including into hosted services, IaaS, PaaS and Web applications. The PathView technology is intelligently built into the core of the IP stack so that if you can ping a target, you get a complete picture of performance.

  • Wireless – Enables you to continuously measure the actual performance of your Wi-Fi network up to your 10Gbps network.
  • Virtual Environments – Gives you the most accurate view into end user experience of users running applications from VMs and Cloud services. With this insight you can easily understand the impact of virtual networks and time-sharing of network cards within the VM.

Continuous Monitoring and SLA Validation

Our VoIP Sequencers measure network performance by sending and receiving its own precisely timed network traffic, assessing performance in real time against application-specific SLAs you control. We automatically know when performance changes, your ISP re-routes your traffic or a device starts to falter.

  • AVDS’s continuous stream of performance insight is compared against your application-specific SLAs, so you will know exactly when network performance impacts your application performance.
  • Our scalable cloud infrastructure enables a full year of performance data to always be online, making trend reporting and analysis fast and easy.
  • Easily customize your proactive alerting based on time-of-day and day-of-week thresholds.

Find and Fix Problems Fast

Our system is designed to automatically run a diagnostic test when poor performance is detected to pinpoint the locations and cause of more than 80 network faults – even if they are occurring on devices you don’t own or control.

  • QoS Validation – The diagnostic engines validate that QoS is being honored at every hop, even over the Internet.
  • Intelligent, Secure SNMP Polling – Determines the network devices used on the Path and, within seconds, gathers SNMP information at the time of the performance degradation.
  • Proactive Alerting – Includes multiple methods of informing you of performance issues and automatically creates service tickets.

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