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You can’t always get what you want…out of the box. But, the application development Team at AVDS can custom develop it for you.

Business solutions strive to be all encompassing. Yet, few offer everything you want. Let’s face it, no single product gives you everything you need. That’s where AVDS brings innovation and vision to the table. Our team of skilled application developers are always working to enhance our product offerings. Genesys has realized the value in this relationship and addressed that need with their AppFoundry portal. The Genesys AppFoundry provides developers, ISVs, VARs, and even customers a path to market via a feature rich marketplace-listing portal. As a long standing Genesys Gold Partner, AVDS is proud to be an AppFoundry Member and Sponsor. Beginning with our IVR Visualizer, created to address critical needs of the PureConnect Administrator, we are able to bring our custom application development skills to the Genesys community. AVDS has plans for several more custom applications to be available in the AppFoundry portal this year.

Current AVDS Custom Applications

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