Video Conferencing

Easily and affordably stay in touch with the world’s best visual collaboration solution on any device over any network.

AVDS offers video collaboration from Vidyo–a complete HD video conferencing portfolio for universal visual communication from any end point over any network without requiring expensive network upgrades.

Regardless of the business or application, the VidyoRouter™ architecture delivers low-latency HD-quality multipoint video conferencing and each Vidyo™ solution is built on an award-winning software-based platform, so it is fully customizable and easy to integrate.

Vidyo solutions are easily integrated into other AVDS products, including the powerful Customer Interaction Center.

Key Features of Vidyo:

  • 2X Extreme Definition (XD) displays people and content on one or two monitors, each up to 1440p
  • Multiple user-selectable layouts for continuous presence, active speaker, and shared content
  • In-conference public and private text chat
  • Share any app or desktop into the conference, and switch between multiple streams of shared content
  • Far-end camera control of Vidyo and third-party group solutions
  • Join and host meetings from your smartphone or tablet
  • Make any participant or content share bigger with pinch-to-zoom and real-time panning
  • Far-end camera control (FECC) of remote VidyoRoom systems
  • Customizable layout with up to 4 on-screen participants
  • Multipoint Content Sharing: toggle to switch between shares from multiple participants

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