PureConnect™ by Genesys

If You’re Looking For a Powerful, Proven Contact Center Solution, You’ve Come to The Right Place

Providing high quality customer service means being able to effectively handle multi-channel customer moments. Customers are using increasingly sophisticated technology and they expect open options on how to interact with your call center. To successfully meet customers’ expectations you need a unified approach for handling multi-channel customer interactions with real-time visibility into performance and tools to better manage employees.

For 10 years running, Genesys has been the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructures. Face it, no one comes close. AVDS is a long standing Genesys Gold Partner certified in all aspects of the Genesys PureConnect™ platform. There is no one better qualified than AVDS to implement your Genesys PureConnect solution.

Developed over many years working with thousands of customers, Genesys PureConnect is extremely flexible and can handle any routing or team requirements you have. PureConnect administrator tools let you run your own system and make changes on your schedule. PureConnect continues to build upon its reputation as a superior software-based, feature-rich, and easily integrated contact center communications solution designed for consumers and employees to collaborate and engage.

Everyone wants to simplify and improve customer support. But you want to do it without disruption of existing systems, or upgrade headaches, or obscure settings and impenetrable outside service dependencies.

Success means adapting to changes faster than ever. Powerful platforms are great, but if you have to use outside teams or developers to manage your own teams you can’t meet those expectations.

The PureConnect All-in-One strategy means you can speed up changes to queues, routing, messages, because everything is in one system and logically related to each other. It also means you can tie behaviors to more data because everything is tracked in one place.

We make it easy! Changing your processes seems to affect every other part of the company along with every customer and your support teams. While that is daunting to consider, let Genesys ease your mind. Sure, we can rip out your current systems install PureConnect quickly to replace everything, but that’s not the best way to go for most organizations. Genesys has a long history working with thousands of organizations.We know integrations are complicated, and we know how to work with you and find a staged approach to fit your business.

The flexibility and ease of PureConnect:

  • Proven integrations with thousands of customer systems
  • AppFoundry third-party integrations to many common applications
  • Custom Integrations via APIs and through Partners
  • Professional Services from Genesys, or from one of our Partners
  • Lots of training and open online help available

PureConnect puts you in charge of your own rules and routing and information.

PureConnect is built on a proven open and standards-based architecture for high performance with simple integrations of outside data and features.

Unified Communications (UC)

Keep your existing system, or upgrade to new hardware. PureConnect gives you options to integrate with SIP systems, or go completely cloud with PureCloud Voice.

  • Premise Hardware – We connect to you
  • Hybrid Cloud or Cloud Only – PureCloud was designed to work seamlessly with PureConnect, so you can give up all your phones if you like
  • Microsoft Lync and Skype options
  • PureConnect gives everyone a softphone option. Our modern browser-based interface takes full advantage of WebRTC technology, so any desktop computer or laptop becomes a phone (all you need is a headset).

Workforce Management (WFM, WFO)

Reports are one thing, but planning schedules for your people and applying those resources across queues and teams is something else.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Bring Salesforce into PureConnect, or PureConnect features inside Salesforce
  • We work with Zendesk, Oracle Service Cloud, Siebel, SAP, and CRM systems from Microsoft Dynamics
  • Or, use our lightweight Interaction Tracker if you don’t have a CRM

Key Benefits of PureConnect/Customer Interaction Center:

  • Customers choose preferred channel with Unified Communications: voice, email, fax, chat, video and social media.
  • Connects customers to knowledgeable agents faster.
  • Offers creative outbound campaigns to build your brand and customer loyalty as well as open new revenue streams.
  • Improves agent training and performance.
  • Elevates service levels and customer satisfaction with intelligent real-time monitoring.

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