PureCloud™ for Salesforce®

It’s all about making life easy. Add PureCloud Engage to your Salesforce interface, and fully support today’s modern, connected workforce.

For 20 – 2000 users, it is the silver lining for your business. It provides all the channels in one platform and enables you to scale up or down from a capabilities standpoint or a user standpoint. With Genesys PureCloud Engage for Salesforce, you can leverage cloud-based collaboration and communications to boost productivity and deliver consistent outcomes. The results are a happier working team and even happier customers.

PureCloud for Salesforce provides complete synchronization of contact center interactions routed in a universal queue with Salesforce activities automatically associated to Salesforce items. Rules-driven screen pops speed agent responsiveness and enhance customer satisfaction by providing a consistent experience across all media channels. Integrated interaction detail reporting eliminates the need for agents to re-enter information and provides greater insight into agent performance and improved consistency and accuracy of data. Custom-configurable real-time presence management provides a more accurate assessment of agent activity and more efficient staffing.

One unified desktop – Manage, track, and queue interactions across systems with a single desktop application. By embedding call control, users can make, take, and manage calls – with features or call pickup, disconnect, hold, transfer. Click to call directly from phone number fields in contacts, leads, activities and accounts.

Minimal installation and maintenance – PureCloud for Salesforce sets a new standard in terms of speed and ease of deployment. It’s a 100% web application with continuous deployment of new features available for your agents to use.

Rules driven screen pop – Use gathered data such as Caller ID to customize and drive a screen pop of the most relevant record in the workspace based on pre-configured behavior. The screen  pop could be a standard Salesforce page, a Visualforce page, or a new record page. Configure the screen pop to open in the same browser window or a new window. Multiple caller ID matches in a list allow the user to select the correct record.

Automatic activity creation – Create a Salesforce activity for any interaction handled by the agent. This includes information such as connection time, duration, agent name and comments. Related Salesforce data objects are populated in the client drop-down list based on screen pop or agent navigation. The agent can then associate the activity with the appropriate contact or case for unified reporting purposes. Every connected interaction creates a call log. This log is created and saved to activity history in Salesforce when the call connects – and automatically updates whenever the status or log details change.

Presence management – Get real-time presence management to gain a more accurate assessment of agent activity and more efficient staffing.

Key Benefits

Enhanced customer experience

  • Screen pop to speed agent responsiveness
    • To a specific record based on ANI
    • To a specific record based on IVR data entered by the customer
    • To an empty record (lead, case, contact)
    • To an empty record pre-populated with IVR data entered by the customer
    • To a custom VisualForce page for a custom support process
  • No delays from accessing multiple systems
  • Access to prior customer interaction history
  • No need to repeat information

Greater sales and service efficiency

  • Supports both Service Cloud and Sales Cloud
  • Side-by-side usage with PureCloud Engage
  • Call log data feeds analytics processes
  • Unified systems help drive advanced business processes

Ease and flexibility of deployment

  • Minimal installation and maintenance
  • Published on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Users can be anywhere
  • Built, maintained by Genesys
  • Implemented and Supported by AVDS, a long standing Genesys Gold Partner

Genesys software prerequisites

  • PureCloud Engage
  • Supported web browser

PureCloud by Genesys for Salesforce is just one more way AVDS makes it easy to do business. Contact AVDS Today! Let us help you leverage your technology to the fullest.

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