Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration is essential to engage customers and empower employees.

Customers are empowered in new ways:  they are informed with unprecedented information before purchasing a product or service, they respond more favorably to personable interactions, and if dissatisfied, they can persuade not tens, not hundreds, but thousands to choose your competitor with a single posting on social media.

Today’s workforce is younger, tech-savvy and accustomed to finding instant knowledge and being engaged and empowered over social platforms.

A successful business collaboration solution delivers integrated solutions within the entire organization over multiple channels:  communications, knowledge sharing, and customer relationship management.

Key Features of Business Collaboration Solutions:

  • Access internal experts and knowledge 30% faster
  • Reduce support time by 5% with ‘first call resolution’
  • Realize faster time to revenue with new customers
  • Increase cross-sell rates by 5%
  • Become your industry’s leader in both “social” and technology
  • Utilize “Communities” and “Forums” for employees and customers to collaborate
  • Spread information and processes quickly throughout your organization
  • Empower employees and customers with Surveys and Polls
  • Increase data protection, scalability and performance
  • Implement and streamline multiple device support

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