Automated Surveys

Consumers are eager to provide feedback. Leverage consumer behavior within your communications infrastructure with Automated Surveys.

By offering your customers opportunities to speak directly to you via automated surveys, you build customer loyalty and empower your organization to improve on the customer experience. AVDS offers Interaction Feedback™, an integrated solution with the powerful Genesys PureConnect platform. Interaction Feedback™ helps organizations create, deploy, and manage post-call surveys for the voice channel to capture a customer’s perception of their service experience and of your organization.

By merging survey results with operational data from your contact center, the information captured becomes a more powerful tool to measure customer satisfaction. At the same time, the information enables the organization to pinpoint key satisfaction drivers for improvement.

Key Benefits of Interaction Feedback:

  • Rules-based survey delivery
  • Automated transfer to surveys
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Intervention to address customer issues
  • Reporting
  • Proven survey questions & design
  • Survey conditional branching
  • Proactive service recovery
  • Cradle-to-grave context

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