Simplify and Automate the Healthcare Customer Experience

AVDS and Genesys PureConnect enables healthcare insurers and providers to deliver measurably better experiences through every interaction, touch-point and channel. Meet the growing expectations for superior customer service and personalized communications while maintaining transparency for regulatory and legal compliance.

  • Overcome Today’s Health Insurance Service Challenges – Meet the growing service expectations of health plan members while increasing productivity. Seamlessly communicate with members through their channel of choice and provide personalized contextual service as they shift channels. Provide updates on claims via self-service and keep them updated on important dates and deadlines with proactive communications.
  • Provide Proactive Web Engagement – Deliver superior customer service to existing members while closing more business with prospective members.  Monitor web behavior and proactively offer assistance, as needed, to resolve issues, help with online forms and answer member questions.
  • Proactively Notify Members – Keep members informed of progress of a claim so they don’t have to call, or remind them of an upcoming appointment.
  • Increase Efficiency and Accountability – Route calls to people best suited to address issues and reduce the impact of new members on your contact center. Actively manage work item distribution to speed claims resolution and obtain a unified view of operations, both in-house and out.
  • Balance Patient Care and Operational Efficiency – Make more efficient use of doctors and other high-cost medical personnel while preserving the context and content of all interactions between doctor and patient, regardless of the communication channel. Offer greater web self-service options to migrate patient inquiries away from medical staff members so they can focus on providing better service and quality healthcare.
  • Deliver Proactive Updates, Reminders and Tips – Keep patients current with coordinated updates, health reminders and educational tips to enable them to proactively manage their wellness.
  • Offer Greater Mobile Access – Provide patients with convenient, self-service options to request or change appointments, check lab results and reorder prescriptions.
  • Improve Payment and Collections Processes – Give patients the ability to manage payments, claims and personal information from the channel of their choice. Provide online assisted service that keeps patients from changing channels and reduces costs.
  • Provide Effective Care and Effective Business Management – Improve scheduling of medical personnel, hospital beds and clinical rooms. Gain real-time visibility and increase efficiency with better task management.

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