Simplify and Automate Services Across all Channels

AVDS works closely with organizations within the Education industry to develop and implement communications strategies that deliver excellent student services, streamline processes, improve employee productivity and enable organizations to reduce costs. Leverage omnichannel queuing and patented routing technology to prioritize and proactively distribute interactions to the best resource available every time.

  • Improve Every Interaction – Provide the level of assistance required to manage expectations in a dynamically changing environment.
  • Offer Greater Self-Service – Give the flexibility of multiple self-service solutions.
  • Deliver Proactive Notifications – Get critical messages out quickly and easily to the right people.
  • Improve Back-Office Productivity – Effectively administer back-office processes by actively managing workload distribution, uncovering insights and optimizing the workforce.
  • Orchestrate Routing -Prioritize and proactively distribute calls to the right place.
  • Provide Remote Learning and Training – AVDS offers eDistance learning solutions manufactured by Vidyo that can be stand-alone or integrated with the Genesys PureConnect Platform solution.

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