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The best system is only as good as its weakest link.


Five Nines is a term for describing the availability of a service or system at 99.999% uptime. Realizing there are 525,960 minutes in a year, a system that truly provides 99.999% (aka Five Nines) uptime would only be down/unavailable for

Happy Friday and Happy Veteran’s Day!


In the USA, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. Veterans are thanked for

52% of all data currently stored by organizations is of unknown value.


Is Your Data Just Sitting in the Kitchen Catch-All Drawer? We all have that kitchen drawer that catches everything. Probably some pencils in there, definitely scissors, address and phone number lists, stamps of various denominations, just less than enough tape,

Get actionable insight in seconds, not months!


By correlating and combining data from multiple business sources into tailored, real-time dashboard reports, eMite helps staff make better decisions, faster. And because it breaks down traditional information silos, eMite gives you a competitive advantage: more transparency, process, and productivity

5 Benefits of Live Chat in Your Contact Center


Today’s consumers are turning to the web before the phone for everything from ordering pizza, to paying a bill, to finding support answers. This makes live chat one of the most important channels for contact center interactions. Empowering your contact

Three reasons to move from Avaya to Genesys Self-Service.

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Overcome the limitations of an outdated Avaya contact center! Customers want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly and efficiently. More than ever, self-service is their first choice—so it should be easy to use. With an outdated Avaya contact

Do Customers Want Faster or Better? The KPI Conundrum!


The short answer is “Yes!”. Customers want faster AND better. It’s all about balance. A Gallup analysis examining customer engagement with a bank revealed their customers were affected by the speed of service. Sure, we expect speed of service to

Don’t be scared…of technology, that is!


There are a lot of scary things out there, especially at this time of the year. But technology doesn’t have to be one of them. If your contact center has you spooked, give us a call. We ain’t scared! Oh,

Modernize Your Contact Center Today or Risk Losing Business Tomorrow!


Frost & Sullivan White Paper Customer expectations have changed. Self-service options on the channels of their choice are a given. And when self-service is not enough, they want live agents who can step up and make it a seamless transition.

Trust me, if you want a good haircut, I’m not your guy.


I’ve been a network engineer, providing design and support, for over 25 years. I’ve often joked, don’t call me to cut your hair and I won’t call you to install my network. We all have strengths and expertise. Why not