This call may be recorded for…

We hear it at the beginning of just about every business call these days. “This call may be recorded for”. The fact is, most calls are recorded for legal and compliance purposes. Yet most go un-monitored. Only about 1% of recorded calls are ever reviewed.

Okay, the call was recorded. Now what? Spend hundreds of hours doing manual monitoring and review of those calls? For what? You have missed the opportunity to adhere to compliance, understand the voice of the customer, coach and train agents, or quickly change the attitude of an unhappy customer.

The solution? Emotive Voice Streams, by Call Journey. EVS™ enables automated, real-time, 100%, call monitoring. Every call is recorded, monitored, and instantly understood. That’s right, EVS™ by Call Journey understands the conversation. And a conversation is more than just words.

EVS™ is the science of conversations, dissecting them to extract precious actionable value and important insights to help businesses really listen better.

EVS™ helps you create real focus: understand your customers, empower your staff and protect your business. Go beyond sampling, understand every conversation, so you can alter the future now.

Don’t just record calls and hoard the data. Leverage Call Journey to unlock the value in your business conversations. AVDS can show you how. Contact us today.



Written by:
Brian Barnett
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