Month: January 2019

Would you jump?


If I offered you $100,000.00 dollars to jump out of a plane without a parachute, would you do it? I’m betting most, if not all, answered no. What if you learned the plane was sitting on the ground? Remember, get

This call may be recorded for…


We hear it at the beginning of just about every business call these days. “This call may be recorded for”. The fact is, most calls are recorded for legal and compliance purposes. Yet most go un-monitored. Only about 1% of

8 Must Have KPIs for Measuring CX and Contact Center Success.


Measuring success can be challenging. Especially in the contact center. So, business is doing well, right? Are you contributing to that success? Or maybe business is doing poorly. Is that because of your contact center? The only way to know

What should you know about PCI Compliance?


9 out of 10 large organizations suffered a security breach last year. The Contact Center is often the hub for Card Not Present (CNP) payment transactions. The transmittal, processing, and storage of payment transaction data carries with them an obligation

Happy Friday from Team AVDS!


There are a few things that make me want to dance like Snoopy. Friday happens to be one of them. Team AVDS hopes you have plenty of reasons to dance today and every day. Happy Friday!

It’s a New Year. Our Message Remains the Same.


It’s 2019! And, though it’s a new year with new technology, our core values and our message at AVDS remain the same: We simplify and automate technology to easily solve your most complex business challenges. Every business has challenges. Call

Happy Friday from Team AVDS – Perception is Reality


Did this week fly by for you? Maybe it dragged on endlessly. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? But, a watched pot never boils. Everyone says time goes by faster the older we get. The fact is, clock time

AVDS & eMite form partnership to provide fully-integrated Business Intelligence Dashboard Solutions like no other.

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HOUSTON (PRWEB) November 12, 2018 Automated Voice & Data Solutions (AVDS), a leader in contact center and customer experience communications solutions, announced today its partnership with eMite, a leading provider of cost-effective, advanced real-time reporting and analytics dashboard solutions. The

What is your contact center strategy missing?


There is more to the contact center than just the phone system. Does your CX strategy include leveraging essential technology to take your customer experience where no other phone system can? Our platform agnostic solutions include: A blended mix of

How do you serve more customers in less time?


Automation! But, just the right amount. Customers want fast, friendly, and easy service. You want increased efficiencies along with increased revenues. With a blended strategy for automation, your contact center will empower the customer who prefers self-service while freeing up