Nickels and Dimes add up…

The self-service gas station started in Los Angeles in 1947. The premise behind the first self-service station was “save five cents, serve yourself, why pay more”. And, that was a nickel in 1947 prices! A significant savings to the customer, then and now.

“Service and savings” may sound hokey, but value has been a buyer’s consideration since time immemorial. Everyone wants superior service without getting “nickeled and dimed”.

That is what you can expect when you leverage the Professional Service Organization expertise of Team AVDS. You get seasoned, certified engineers bringing knowledge and efficiency. You get 24/7/365 support availability. You get dedicated industry and product Subject Matter Experts to guide and support your organization every step of the way.

With the Professional Services Offerings of Team AVDS, you get our full-service at self-service prices. No “nickel and diming”. And, we are always ready to serve.

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  • Contact Center Platforms – Cloud vs Premise
  • Speech and Data Analytics – Coach, train, motivate
  • AI in the contact center – Where it fits and where it doesn’t
  • Business Intelligence – Smart Dashboards and Actionable Insight
  • Augmented Reality – A blended strategy you need
  • PCI DSS Compliance – Payment Card security that stands the test

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