Adopting AI in the Contact Center: What is your strategy?

When it comes to cutting edge technology, we often put the cart before the horse – our expectations typically outweigh reality. Innovation can be scary. Technical experts, “geeky” enthusiasts, and visionaries are always the early adopters. Their vision and enthusiasm are infectious and marketable.

Then comes the Chasm. This is where the real acceptance takes place. In this time frame, naysayers are minimizing, ridiculing and criticizing. Remember when big business was asking “Who needs a website?”

Finally, a level of participation results in a form of beta-testing and approval on behalf of the masses. We begin to see enough adoption from so-called intellectual experts that we reach a psychological acceptance.

So, it is reasonable to say AI has crossed the chasm. Has that adoption reached the contact center? It depends on the problem you are trying to solve.

  • Are you working towards or against call deflection?
  • Are you trying to coach, train, and motivate agents?
  • Is self-service something your customers need?
  • Is your workflow management a time-consuming manual process?
  • Are you in need a visual assistance solution for your support operations?
  • Do you need an AI-powered knowledge intelligence solution?
  • Do you need more actionable insight from the data you are gathering?

AI can address these challenges, and more, in the contact center. But the answer is not just in leveraging AI. Success lies in a blended strategy that leverages AI and the human connection.

According to a CCW Digital Market Study, The Future of the Contact Center in 2019, customer management executives confirm a renewed emphasis on the human touch. They will value “personalization.” They will emphasize agent “empowerment.” They will prioritize technology that can augment, not eliminate, connections with customers.

Artificial Intelligence, data and speech analytics, business intelligence, intelligent automation, and augmented reality are all changing the way we operate our contact centers. But, the reason why we operate our contact centers has not changed. That is, to provide a satisfying, meaningful, solutions-oriented interaction for our customers.

How can you leverage cutting edge technology, like AI, to simplify and automate your contact center? Easy…just call the team at AVDS. We work together with your future in mind.

Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Sales & Marketing – Engineer, Photographer, Storyteller, Decent Cook, Family Man…

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