Enhanced AX & CX with PureConnect for Salesforce

Take your Agent Experience (AX) and Customer Experience (CX) to the next level with PureConnect for Salesforce.

PureConnect for Salesforce provides advanced call controls inside the third-party customer relationship management (CRM) system Salesforce®. PureConnect for Salesforce offers many features including basic call log support, call controls, click-to-dial, screen pop, and more. The PureConnect for Salesforce integration is a version of the Interaction Desktop client with an abbreviated feature set. There is nothing to install on each user’s computer and nothing to maintain or back up on your own servers.

PureConnect for Salesforce Architecture

PureConnect for Salesforce works with an on-premises PureConnect server and with PureConnect Cloud.

Put PureConnect power directly into the Salesforce interface to tightly integrate your contact center and CRM solution. PureConnect for Salesforce provides complete synchronization of contact center interactions routed in a universal queue with Salesforce activities automatically associated to Salesforce items.

A comprehensive optimized agent interface.

Rules-driven screen pops speed agent responsiveness and enhance customer satisfaction by providing a consistent experience across all media channels.

Easy status updates for team collaboration

Key Features of PureConnect for Salesforce

Enhanced customer experience

  • Consistent experience across media channels
  • Screen pop to speed agent responsiveness
    – Pop to a specific record based on ANI
    – Pop to a specific record based on IVR data entered by the customer
    – Pop to an empty record (lead, case, contact)
    – Pop to an empty record pre-populated with IVR data entered by the customer
    – Pop to a custom VisualForce page for a custom support process
  • No delays from accessing multiple systems
  • Access to prior customer interaction history
  • No need to repeat information

Greater sales and service efficiency

  • Single sign-on
  • Side-by-side usage with other CIC clients
  • Smaller footprint
  • Tear-off client (Service Cloud only)

Ease and flexibility of deployment

  • Nothing to install, maintain, or back up
  • Browser independence
  • Users can be anywhere
  • Built, maintained, and supported by Genesys and Certified Genesys Partners like AVDS – no middle-ware vendors
  • Certified by Salesforce and published on Appexchange
  • Lightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance Editions
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package do not count against org limits


  • Salesforce Edition – Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance
  • Other System RequirementsCustomer – Genesys PureConnect platform user licenses and PureConnect for Salesforce integration licenses are required for the integration.

As a long standing Genesys Gold Partner, PureConnect for Salesforce is just one more way AVDS makes it easy to do business. Contact us today!

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