Business Intelligence Tool vs. a Dashboard: Aren’t they the same?

Is a dashboard the same as a business intelligence solution? Yes and no…a basic dashboard provides some amount of business intelligence. That is true. However, a comprehensive business intelligence solution is like a dashboard on steroids.

A true business intelligence solution is more than just a simple dashboard. A basic dashboard typically provides a view of some of the data from one system. Not bad, but not great. A business intelligence solution allows for the aggregation of data from multiple sources into one customizable view, providing a clearer understanding on which to make better business decisions.

Why is this distinction important? Because, businesses are gathering data from multiple sources. CRM integrations, Customer Experience (CX) platforms, IT Services Management, and the like, are all repositories for critical data. By aggregating that data with one business intelligence tool, organizations can rapidly analyze and prioritize operations based upon the KPI metrics that make the most sense to their process.

AVDS has partnered with eMite, an industry leader in business intelligence, to bring advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions to the Contact Center. eMite makes contact centers more transparent, agile and efficient. Drawing information from across the business and correlating it with contact center data at lightning speeds, eMite empowers everyone in the contact center and beyond to measure the performance metrics relevant to them.

You decide. Stare at a dashboard. Or, gain actionable insight with eMite, the powerful and easy to use business intelligence solution that doesn’t break your budget. The choice is simple! Call AVDS Today!



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