52% of all data currently stored by organizations is of unknown value.

Is Your Data Just Sitting in the Kitchen Catch-All Drawer?

We all have that kitchen drawer that catches everything. Probably some pencils in there, definitely scissors, address and phone number lists, stamps of various denominations, just less than enough tape, a cardboard backing for what was a notepad, an invitation for Thanksgiving 2006, and almost always thumbtacks. Why are there so many thumbtacks?

“People are people” and people manage organizations. Perhaps that’s why Veritas Report reveals:

  • 52% of all data currently stored by organizations is of unknown value.
  • 33% of all data is redundant or obsolete and known to be of no use.
  • 15% of stored data is considered business critical.

If over half of your data is of unknown value and yet it’s certain that at least 15% of it is business critical, how do you know if you are paying attention to the right data? Analytics.

Analytics is the key to the future of success for the modern contact center. Data is coming into your organization like pencils, stamps, tape, and thumbtacks into the kitchen drawer. Understand what you have. Toss out what you don’t need. Make good use of what you do need.

Getting your arms around years of stored data sounds like a daunting task. However, with guidance from a pro you can very quickly begin to understand your data and put it to good use. Turn years of data into actionable insights that drive business and productivity.

The experts at AVDS can show you how to get immediate actionable insights from your data. Take moments, not months, and realize almost immediate ROI. Contact us today and let us show you how.


Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Sales & Marketing, Engineer, Photographer, Storyteller, Family Man…


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