Three reasons to move from Avaya to Genesys Self-Service.

Overcome the limitations of an outdated Avaya contact center!

Three reasons to move from Avaya to Genesys Self-Service

Customers want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly and efficiently. More than ever, self-service is their first choice—so it should be easy to use. With an outdated Avaya contact center system that doesn’t support omnichannel self-service, it’s impossible to provide this high level of customer experience. Lagging technology creates an inconsistent experience across your IVR and digital channels, resulting in frustrated customers, a lower net promoter score and missed opportunities.

As customer expectations continue to rise, it’s time to address the technological limitations that hold you back from providing an exceptional self-service customer experience. Overcome the effects of negative self-service interactions by moving to Genesys Self-Service.

This eBook outlines three benefits of moving from Avaya to Genesys Self-Service, including:

  • Simplify the shift to omnichannel with a simple and open platform architecture
  • Adopt artificial intelligence technology to personalize self-service interactions
  • Gain limitless scalability, world-class security and reliability, and faster time to value


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