How do you increase agent efficiency by up to 60%?

Genesys Interaction Dialer lets businesses take their interactions to the next level. No more time wasted on outdated methods of dialing or returning the wrong contacts. Predictive pacing algorithms take automated dialing to a new level. By eliminating the requirement for the agent to deal with dial tones, busy signals, answering machines, no answers, and the like, we are able to increase agent talk time as well as operational efficiency. The result is also minimal silence and wait times for the customer as they are connected to agents.

Call centers that are new to predictive dialing see huge productivity gains when they free up agents’ time from unproductive contacts. Those agents instead connect with the right customers automatically.

Proven Powerful, Effective, Efficient–And Simple to Manage

The @Genesys engineers on Team AVDS are specialists in all aspects of the Genesys #PureConnect and #PureCloud platform. We understand the critical nature of a properly configured dialer solution. To make the most of your database you need different dialing modes, smart call analysis and strong monitoring tools. A simple outbound dialer quickly reaches its limits. Genesys PureConnect has a predictive dialer that integrates with your customer interaction software, boosts your outbound dialing and lets you do far more than load and dial.

Key Features of Interaction Dialer:

  • Comprehensive multi-site campaign management
  • Skills-based dialing based on agent skill availability — perfect for state-based licensing
  • Inbound/outbound call blending for an integrated, personalized experience
  • Stage-based predicting using our patented predictive algorithm, to elevate agent productivity and contact success rates
  • Real-time connectivity to third-party Do Not Call (DNC) services, such as (Contact Center Compliance), and in-house DNC lists, to better ensure regulatory compliance
  • A complete SIP-based “all software” architecture to support outbound campaigns in a VoIP environment and reduce IT complexity

As a long standing Genesys Gold Partner, AVDS offers Interaction Dialer, with a patented predictive algorithm that increases agent productivity with multichannel capabilities, including email, SMS, and more.

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