Genesys and Cisco Integration: You Have Options!

The Gartner award winning @Genesys #PureConnect and #PureCloud Platform offers everything you need in a Contact Center and Enterprise Voice solution. However, many companies are updating evolving systems and processes while working within the confines of budgets and contract commitments.

What does this mean for your business? Does your evolving Contact Center have to wait on your PBX before you can leverage the benefits of a modern updated system? No, not at all. You have options.

With the Genesys Platform, you get it all, but you don’t have to do it all at once. As your strategy and budget allows, you can implement only the features you need for just those agents and users who need them, allowing you to plan your growth and control your budget. Bring everyone else on board, as it makes sense. Your Contact Center can move forward with a feature rich platform while your PBX users get the basics that satisfy their business process.

Genesys PureConnect, formerly the Interactive Intelligence #CIC platform, has been integrating with the Cisco Call Manager for many years. With Genesys SIP Server integration, it is easy to have your CCM front-end your calls and interface with the Interaction Client. There are a variety of integration options available.

Genesys SIP Server is a key integration point between the Genesys Customer Experience Platform and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). The integration supports several capabilities:

  • In-Front Qualification & Parking provides centralized queuing & qualification (basic IVR), before routing calls to an agent. (See the T-Server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Deployment Guide for details.)
  • Advanced Self Service integrates Genesys Voice Platform with advanced VXML, ASR, TTS (and more) to CUCM.
  • Manage Agent-related Calls allows agents to utilize CUCM as the underlying telephony platform, while SIP Server manages calls & agent state. This is an effective alternative to the standard JTAPI-based T-Server integration.
  • Recording Integration integrates with Genesys Interaction Recording or the Genesys Recording Connector.

You can deploy any combination of these capabilities. For instance, In-Front Qualification & Parking could be deployed in conjunction with the JTAPI-based T-Server. Or a pure SIP deployment could utilize In-Front Qualification & Parking, and SIP-based agent management. The configuration for Genesys SIP Server, as it relates to the CUCM integration, is largely the same for most of these capabilities.

Leverage the benefits of the best contact center platform available today without the need to forklift upgrade your entire CCM PBX. AVDS is a long standing Genesys Gold Partner and PureConnect Platform specialist. Call us today for a free consultation. You have options!


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