Month: October 2018

Three reasons to move from Avaya to Genesys Self-Service.

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Overcome the limitations of an outdated Avaya contact center! Customers want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly and efficiently. More than ever, self-service is their first choice—so it should be easy to use. With an outdated Avaya contact

Do Customers Want Faster or Better? The KPI Conundrum!


The short answer is “Yes!”. Customers want faster AND better. It’s all about balance. A Gallup analysis examining customer engagement with a bank revealed their customers were affected by the speed of service. Sure, we expect speed of service to

Don’t be scared…of technology, that is!


There are a lot of scary things out there, especially at this time of the year. But technology doesn’t have to be one of them. If your contact center has you spooked, give us a call. We ain’t scared! Oh,

Trust me, if you want a good haircut, I’m not your guy.


I’ve been a network engineer, providing design and support, for over 25 years. I’ve often joked, don’t call me to cut your hair and I won’t call you to install my network. We all have strengths and expertise. Why not

How do you increase agent efficiency by up to 60%?


Genesys Interaction Dialer lets businesses take their interactions to the next level. No more time wasted on outdated methods of dialing or returning the wrong contacts. Predictive pacing algorithms take automated dialing to a new level. By eliminating the requirement for the

Happy Friday! Two Thumbs Up for a Week Well Done!


If Siskel and Ebert were here, they would give you two thumbs up for a week well done! Happy Friday! Happy Friday from the Team at AVDS! We give you about 80 thumbs up, give or take a couple.  

It’s Storm Season. Which Cloud is Following You Around?


Meet Steve…and learn how AVDS & @Genesys helped solve his #CX challenges.     Written by: Brian Barnett Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…

How would you like that CX served? Very good with a side of easy, please!


Your customers are engaging with your business on more channels than ever before. Are you prepared to answer those calls, too? Whether it is from the website, chat-bots, sms, email, or voice, omnichannel is the way of the modern contact center.

Risk Management & Compliance in the Contact Center: How Voice Data Can Help.

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As well as consistently working to improve customer experience and maximize sales, contact centers today are faced with perhaps the most daunting challenge of all: remaining compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations and ensuring watertight data protection policies. The ramifications

6 Keys to Successful Agent Engagement – Are your agents smiling?


When I go into a store, I am looking for a product. What keeps me coming back to that store is the service experience. There is value in great customer service. Great customer service saves me time. Great customer service