Here is the problem with your Quality Assurance practice…

83% of all companies still list customer experience in their top 3 business strategies, and many of these organizations have “Voice of the Customer” programs without leveraging the most important data – the actual VOICE of the customer.

To shape the Customer Experience requires understanding the Voice of the Customer. The key word is “understanding”. You can’t just hear your customer. You can’t just listen to your customer. You must understand how your customer is feeling.

That’s where conversational analytics from Call Journey comes in. No matter what platform you are using, you can get a constant pulse from your customers as to how good you are performing and where the gaps and opportunities are. Your customers will tell you every day how your business is performing – good, bad and ugly.

Call Journey’s EVS or Emotive Voice Streams fully analyzes the audio and recognizes:

  • Conversational transcription
  • Words
  • Gender
  • Sentiment
  • Emotion
  • Metadata

By integrating with market leading vendors, Call Journey Emotive Voice Streams delivers the data where you need it. No call center? That’s no problem! If you are recording the audio, Call Journey will give you instant insight into the Voice of the Customer.

Your business processes hundreds of calls every day. These calls are rich with customer feedback and information about your buyers, products, processes and agents. Insights from these conversations can help you pinpoint challenges and improve Customer Experience.

  • Conversation Analytics can dramatically increase NPS
  • Reduce Churn and Lapse rates
  • Understand Customer Effort and Cancellation Risk
  • Drive Agent Performance

Business entities that benefit from 100% voice analytics are:

  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • CX Teams
  • Contact Center
  • Product Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Revenue Management

Is your Quality Assurance practice wasting valuable time with manual processes and stale data? Are you listening to your customer > 1% of the time, like most businesses? Or, are you truly understanding the Voice of the Customer and shaping your Customer Experience accordingly?

AVDS and Call Journey have the solution. Conversational Analytics can take your business to the next level and set you apart from your competition. It can help you boost business by training and retaining happier agents, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing customer churn.

What are you waiting for? Contact AVDS today and get started on your Journey to Call Quality Assurance!



Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…


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