Happy Friday! Could it be any better?

We had a great week here at AVDS! We hope you had a great week, too! We had many accomplishments, overcame a few challenges, out-maneuvered a few obstacles, and now we are ready for the weekend.

Could it have been better? Of course, it could. Even Ferrari knew his best car could be better. So, while we search for improvements and efficiencies to enhance the way you do business, you can take a couple of days off knowing this: As great as it is, we are always working to make it better.

Be the best you can be. Partner up with someone who works towards constant improvement and has your success at heart.

To our friends and family in the path of “Gordon”, we hope everyone is safe!

Happy Friday from Team AVDS!



Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…

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