Month: September 2018

6 Key Elements of a Successful Business Process Automation Project

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Business Process Automation (BPA) is the concept of using automation to streamline internal processes. The result is savings in time, resources, and a reduction in errors caused by the human element. Interaction Process Automation (IPA) is a tool that makes

Do You Have the Right Cloud Following You Around?


For 20 – 2000 users, it is the silver lining for your business. It provides all the channels in one platform and enables you to scale up or down from a capabilities standpoint or a user standpoint. And, add #PureCloud

Happy Friday from AVDS and Scooby-Doo!


Rot row, Shaggy! It’s Friday! We’ve had another great week here at AVDS. We hope the same holds true for you. Don’t get hot and bothered by the petty stuff. Be Cool! Like Scooby-Doo! Team AVDS is on call 24/7

Elevating your Contact Center KPI’s and Dashboards to the Executive Level

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This guest blog is courtesy of: Stephen Irecki  @sirecki Director, Global Customer Operations Prophecy International LinkedIn – Website How do you measure effectiveness and efficiency in your contact center? Or even in your organization? I ask these questions every single day to

Microsoft Outlook Hangs on “Loading Profile”!

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Happy Friday, Folks!  While hammering away on the keyboard among my various office programs, I was prompted to install an update. Shocking, I know. Being completely desensitized to frequent notices of MS updates, I clicked without hesitation. I should divulge,

Reduce Customer Churn by 15%


If you are not understanding 100% of the Voice of the Customer, maybe your on-hold music should be “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Predictive Conversational Analytics leverages AI to understand the Voice of the Customer. AI knows words and phrases,

New Name Badges Issued! Get Yours Here!


Notice: New Name Badges Issued Through the miracles of modern technology, we have automatically created your personalized name badge here: In an effort to better identify ourselves to one another, please print, and wear yours effective immediately. Personalized coffee cups

What is Wrong with Call Scoring by Humans?


Simply put, manual call scoring is a flawed approach based on chance. The chance that you pick the right call to score out of the sea of interactions coming in to your agents. And, the chance that you are not

It’s Friday! What do you expect?


I believe it was Norman Vincent Peale who was quoted as saying, “We tend to get what we expect.” AVDS expects all of you to have a safe and fun weekend with your family and friends. We expect that you

Here is the problem with your Quality Assurance practice…


83% of all companies still list customer experience in their top 3 business strategies, and many of these organizations have “Voice of the Customer” programs without leveraging the most important data – the actual VOICE of the customer. To shape the