Modern Credit Union Contact Centers Drive More Member Business

Nowadays…I love being old enough to use that term…many of us never step foot into a financial services office. Credit card offers rain down upon us daily. The big guys are on every other TV and radio commercial. I can use the same program or application to manage my money and get a mortgage. I can do it all from my phone, if I desire. It is easy. But, it’s missing that personal touch. I know, I said we rarely step foot into a branch. That doesn’t mean people aren’t still wanting that personal touch. We want to do business with someone who cares. Especially when it comes to our financial business. We need trust.

You know what I love about my Credit Union? When I call them, it feels like I’ve reached someone who knows me. And, they make it easy for me to get what I need. When Credit Unions refer to their clients as Members, it makes perfect sense. After all, what else has members? The first thing that comes to mind is family. A good Credit Union doesn’t just treat you like a customer, they treat you like family.

Your agents are often your front-line representatives for the credit union. Agents who work together and are engaged in the contact center are better prepared to provide that superior level of service that members demand. With solutions like conversational analytics you can truly understand the Voice of the Member driving more sales business from your member/agent experience.

How do you pull your team together? How do you train and retain agents? How do you understand the member journey? How do you shape that journey and boost business? How do you instill that trust and create member loyalty? How do use your contact center to drive more business for your credit union? You do it all with a comprehensive contact center solution that addresses the needs of the modern credit union.

This time of the year brings on budgeting and growth considerations for many businesses and credit unions. Equipment and technology are rapidly advancing. Systems are becoming outdated or unsupported. Change can be difficult but must be embraced. Yet, when properly managed, change can add up to big advancements in the contact center and for business growth.

Success is in the planning and a solid strategy. And, in partnering up with someone you can trust. The Team at AVDS has been helping our customers succeed in boosting business by increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, and leveraging technology to make it easy for them to do business.

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Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…

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