7 Steps for Next-Gen Digital Customer Service

The modern contact center is in the midst of the digital revolution. The means by which customers contact businesses via digital channels provides us with actionable insights on how to tailor a superior customer service experience.

Are you getting the most out of your contact center solution?

Roadblocks in Visibility

With multiple touch-points along the path of the customer journey, voice-centric systems just don’t provide the visibility required to shape a consistent customer experience. Many of today’s interactions start with a click from a website or app. A seamless and effortless experience requires visibility into the customer journey.

Next-Gen Digital Experience

Online channels are rapidly encroaching on traditional communication methods as a means of preferred contact. A true Omni-Channel contact center provides all means necessary to meet evolving customer demands. You will be ready for the next-gen experience today by anticipating the customer needs, providing a personalized experience, and making it effortless.

What Next-Gen Digital Service Can do for You

Companies that excel at digital customer care reap impressive rewards. According to a recent McKinsey report,

“…contact centers with successful digital strategies are seeing rises in customer satisfaction of up to 33% and cost savings of 25–30%.”

Your customers want contextual, personalized, and seamless experiences across every channel and touchpoint. The harder it is for them to do business with you, the more likely they are to move to your competitors. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is open and scalable, and it easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. Orchestrate seamless, omnichannel customer journeys from a single, all-in-one, customer experience platform. Available both on-premise and in the cloud, the Genesys Customer Experience Platform simplifies administration, increases operational performance, and reduces total cost of ownership.

The 7 Steps

  1. Design and manage omnichannel experiences
  2. Use contextual information to personalize journeys
  3. Offer a human touch at just the right time
  4. Offer a self-service knowledge base and easy access to assisted service
  5. Proactively communicate with your customers
  6. Engage with customers via social media
  7. Provide an omnichannel desktop for your agents

Why Choose AVDS

We are the Deliberately Different communications company. We are in the Customer Experience Business, just like you. You have a product and service to deliver. We make you better at doing that. Our solutions boost business by improving employee productivity, lowering overhead and helping you separate yourself from your competition. We are easy to work with and we work hard to make life easy for you.

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