Even a 6-year-old Understands Poor Customer Service

I had to call a major financial institution this week. I wanted to cancel my services. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy. I certainly wasn’t completely satisfied. I had called them previously to give them the opportunity to keep my business. It was strictly a numbers game. They chose not to work hard enough.

So, at the time I called into said FinServe Company to cancel services, I was in a pleasant mood hanging out at home with my oldest granddaughter close by. I had switched my accounts over and was now using the new provider. And, quite pleased with it all.

Here’s where the story meets the headline…keep in mind that the size and scope of the company I was leaving is enormous. One of the largest financial institutions in the world. But apparently, their goal is to make it as painful as possible to happily cancel services.

Upon hitting their IVR, I’m prompted for a voice recognized account number and personal info. Within mere moments I’m offered a menu of a variety of options about my account. Simply speak my wish and information floodeth forth. Being a customer experience professional, I’m impressed with the speed and accuracy. I like it. I’m still gonna cancel my account but, you know. I speak into the machine “customer service representative” and am prompted that an agent is quickly taking my call. This girl was friendly, courteous, and had my account up with just one more question to authenticate. “Now, how may I help you?”, she said. I pleasantly explained that I wished to cancel my account. I assured her it was purely for economic reasons and not for being unhappy. She assured me she would get me to the person who could facilitate my request if I would just hold one moment. I happily agreed.

12 minutes and 48 seconds later, I’m most of the way into creating a masterpiece of a PB&J for my 6-year-old granddaughter and considering breaking something in the kitchen due to the worst hold music on the planet. I don’t recall the music being bad in the first part of the experience. About then my granddaughter, Claire, asks me quite rhetorically, “Grandpa, what in the world is going on here!? Why are we doing this!?” as she points down giving the phone a scowl that would scare other kids and dogs off the playground. About that time, the first agent’s evil twin comes on to make sure my last experience would be a memorable one. I just had to laugh.

See, even a 6-year-old understands poor customer service. The call started out nicely. At some point someone decided they didn’t care anymore. They certainly didn’t have a chance to “win me back” or “save the account” any longer. If they didn’t choose to provide poor customer service by design, they certainly showed they lacked in the understanding of true customer service.

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Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…

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