How to Gather Customer Feedback in 2018 and Beyond

Customers are tired of surveys. Consumers are busy. Customer loyalty is becoming harder to secure. They want fast, friendly, effortless service. If they are unhappy with a customer experience, they will tell most of their friends. But they probably won’t tell you, directly. The fact is, many will not give you the time of day after they had a negative experience. They will, instead, blast it on social media, perhaps email it out, and certainly share it vocally.

Understand there is a Voice of the Customer

Customers express opinions the very moment they connect with your brand or company. They have an opinion on the product, the service, the representative, the journey, and the overall customer experience. That opinion and the data we get from it make up the Voice of the Customer. Each touchpoint in your customer’s journey is an opportunity to positively impact those opinions. That equates to a positive Moment of Truth in the customer journey.

Smooth out the Bumps

How do you smooth out those bumps along the road of the customer journey? You must look at the data, analyze it, and leverage it to positively impact the Moment of Truth. The customer is letting you know how they feel the entire time they interact with you. Until recently, it was very difficult to harness unstructured feedback data. And, therefore, most of that traditional feedback has been ignored. To truly understand the Voice of the Customer we must look to new techniques of mining that feedback data. How do we mine the data and make sense of it?

Mine the Data

Call Journey is conversational analytics for business. It brings together unsolicited feedback from social channels, audio from natural speech recognition, and analytics from email and other text-based channels. Call Journey transforms that unstructured data into an analytics-ready stream of information about keywords, phrases, topics, tones, and even emotions of the customer. This leveraging of technology makes it easier for businesses to understand the Voice of the Customer and smooth out those bumps along the path of the customer journey.

Act Instead of React

Getting your hands around all your data and creating actionable insights will drive your business into the future. Reviewing old data is just living in the past.

Don’t get left behind. AVDS is in the customer experience business, just like you. We are always working to enhance the customer experience for our customers and yours.

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