8 Major Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

The contact center is a constantly changing environment. The goal is an effortless customer experience. The tools for providing a superior CX are changing right along with it. With the cloud-based computing market growing at an increasingly rapid pace, businesses are presented with the real question, “Should I move to the cloud?”. In many cases the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Why should you move your business to the cloud? There are many reasons for it, both operationally and economically.

Forrester recently predicted the global cloud market will grow from $146 Billion In 2017 to $236 Billion by 2020. Forrester also reported contact center interaction management (CCIM) software continues to evolve into integrated suites that vendors offer as a service. These vendors are reporting 20% growth rates, while on-premises solutions remain flat.

The following 8 benefits are contributing to the continued growth in the cloud contact center market.

  1. Scalability – With cloud-based voice solutions you can scale your systems, users, and locations through access to a nationwide network. This helps with handling growth and shrinkage in work patterns and agent staffing.
  2. Reliability – Cloud voice systems are built out with inherent redundancy. This provides reliable up time and availability. This also lends to disaster recovery and business continuity built into your solution.
  3. Reduced Purchasing Costs – Hosted solutions offer flexibility in pricing that doesn’t exist in premise solutions. Many allow pay-as-you-go monthly pricing, changing agent license counts, and a variety of feature options.
  4. Reduced Maintenance Costs – Administration, system maintenance, and infrastructure is handled by the cloud provider lowering or eliminating requirements for dedicated support staff and engineers.
  5. Ease of Implementation – In some cases, there is no onsite hardware required. Implementing cloud solutions lower engineering costs and simplify ongoing administration.
  6. Improved Agent Experience – Agents are more efficient when presented with versatile workforce options. Most solutions provide an easy to use intuitive interface. Staffing flexibility increases agent performance.
  7. Inherent Security – Security features enhance the data storage options for cloud based and hybrid solutions when storing sensitive information. System updates and security administration are performed and maintained by the cloud provider.
  8. Improved Customer Experience – With a reliable system, flexible staffing options, lowered operating costs, increased efficiencies, reduced maintenance costs, and happier agents, your business will provide a superior customer experience.

I’m not sure about having one’s head in the cloud, but having one’s contact center in the cloud makes perfect sense. Let us show you how easy it is with AVDS.

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