How does AVDS make it easy for me to do business?

Certainly, companies do business together. But you work with people. It’s people you know and trust. It’s people who make life easy for you when you work together.

We asked ourselves, “What do we do to make it easy for you to do business with AVDS?” Our answers reflect the 5 core values that AVDS has as a company as well as within each team member. So, I’ll review our core values first.

  1. Integrity – Say what we do, and we do what we say.
  2. Passion – Committed to excellence.
  3. Dedication – Strive for continuous improvement.
  4. Vision – Forward thinking through leadership.
  5. Innovation – Creative approach to your solutions.

What does AVDS do to make it easy for me to do business?

  • We make it easy for you to buy from us. It is often taken for granted how easy the buying experience should be. Whether you’re buying a car for your family or a solution for your company, you want both to be easy to transact. We do that by focusing on the following:
    • From your initial inquiry to AVDS we will respond within 2 hours
    • Our agreements are simple and easy to understand
    • We quickly provide pricing, including all services
    • Our document signing process is easy and automated
  • We make system implementation easy.
    • We deploy quickly, on time, and on budget.
    • Our implementation engineers are often praised by customers for their attention to detail and dedication to an easy deployment.
    • Dedicated Project Managers ensure everyone is working together to make it easy.
  • We make it easy to work with AVDS support staff.
    • Our support department is easy to reach and available 24/7.
    • Customer calls are always answered by a qualified AVDS engineer. We do not use an answering service or 3rd party support center.
    • Our support portal is available for ticket tracking and reporting.
    • Our support staff works around your schedule and needs.
  • We empower our customers with easy knowledge transfer.
    • We act to enable our customers to easily leverage complex technology empowering them to do more and better business.
    • We provide ongoing training and support, making administration easier for our customers.
  • We make it easy for you to communicate and work with all the AVDS team, including our leadership team.
    • AVDS President, Sharon Moon, has an open-door policy and often works with customers and prospective clients. In fact, Sharon takes support queue calls from time to time. No job too big, no job too small. She works all day to make it easy for our customers to succeed.
    • Chris Rice, our VP of Operations, is regularly working with customers on a variety of initiatives. Chris makes it easy for his team and our clients by ensuring everyone has the right resources available to be successful.
    • Luke Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, is in regular communication with our customer base to ensure an effortless experience. Luke’s knowledge of the industry allows him to guide our clients as they leverage changing technology to meet customer demands.
    • Steve Thibodeaux, Director of Professional Services, makes it easy for our customers by staying involved on projects “from soup to nuts”. With Steve on it, you’re in good hands. Steve’s ability to lead a team through a successful engagement is an invaluable skill and makes it easy to do business with AVDS.
    • Chaz Evitts, Director of Support, manages a skilled and dedicated team of engineers and technicians. The team reflects the dedication, passion, and innovation of their leader. These qualities make it easy for the customer by knowing you have people who care working on your requests.
    • Mark Piskadlo, Director of Sales, makes it easy to understand our products, services, and offerings. Mark understands your challenges and can guide customers to a successful solution. By understanding the big picture, Mark makes it easy for you to make the right solutions choices.
    • Brad Frazier, Director of Security and Technology, makes it easy for our customers by bringing his certified engineering skills and experiences to the team. Brad is able to demystify advanced concepts to enable the customer to make educated decisions.
    • Frank Nance, Controller, leads our accounting team and makes it easy for customers to understand our accounting processes.
    • Brian Barnett, Director of Marketing, leads our Marketing and Branding efforts. His team makes it easy to understand the AVDS story. AVDS is more than a company, we are a group of people doing the right things for the right reasons. Brian’s team makes it easy to understand that you can trust Team AVDS.

This is just a part of the 40+ AVDS team members. Behind the scenes and in every department are dedicated team members working to keep AVDS successful. AVDS is a company, no doubt. We are company built by people who have a genuine desire to help your company succeed by simplifying and automating technology. We are constantly improving the customer experience; for our customers and yours.



Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…


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