Boost Business with AI and Machine Learning

There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence today. It has been touted as both the best thing and the worst thing that can happen to humanity. While that remains to be seen, the challenge is where does AI fit into your business and how can you leverage this transformational technology today?

AI is truly revolutionary. The changes it has brought and will continue to bring will affect the entire world. You use it every day without knowing it. When you search for the best route on your smartphone, AI is determining traffic issues and other patterns to give you the quickest route available. When you order up your ride share, Machine Learning AI predicts rider demand and has anticipated your call to provide you with the quickest response. Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa listen to your every command and respond with amazing effectiveness. How about logging into your phone with just your eyes or a finger print. And, now we have self-driving cars, trucks, and busses. What is next? The imagination is the only limit.

When it comes to doing business, we have some fundamental objectives that apply to us all. We need to keep costs in check. We need to drive as much sales revenue as possible with limited resources. We need to understand our customer’s journey and make it easy for them to do business with us. We need our customers to be happy. We need our workers to be happy. We need our business to grow.

Leveraging Machine Learning to provide real-time customer journey analytics and reporting is how you can get started with AI in your business. AltoCloud by Genesys lets you reach more prospects, interact live with visitors already on your website and convert more leads with highly targeted digital interactions. Genesys AltoCloud monitors every visitor to your online properties and uses AI Machine Learning to determine the best prospects to engage with live on your website or mobile apps right now.

By being able to “connect the dots” along the path of your customers’ journey you can shape the journey and personalize each experience. You can drive more business to the goal of sales. You can do more with less resources. You can increase customer satisfaction. And, you can increase worker optimization. All of these add up to achieving our fundamental objectives.

One example is the Success Story of Shimmer. By implementing AltoCloud and leveraging AI Machine Learning, Shimmer was able to increase customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) by 14.6%. In addition to that, customer engagement increased by 78.3% without increasing sales and marketing staff. Those are real world results and you can enjoy them, too.

Analyzing and shaping the customer journey is how you boost business with AI and machine learning. It may sound daunting. That’s why you need an expert like AVDS with over 25 successful years in the business of helping companies succeed in contact centers and enterprise voice communications. Your company has a product and/or service to deliver. Our company can make you better at doing that.


Written by:
Brian Barnett
Director of Marketing, CX Aficionado, Engineer, Photographer, Family Man…

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