Happy agents make for happy customers. How do you keep your agents happy?

So, how do you keep your agents happy? One sure way is with gamification. Yeah, that’s right…games at work. But not games instead of work. nGUVU engages your agents with gamification that make work more productive. Agents are motivated and rewarded using social media, game mechanics, and recognition concepts. This makes for happier agents and happier customers.

Agents, like everyone else, have a natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, and recognition. nGAGEMENT integrates with platforms such as PureCloud by Genesys to transform an agent’s day-to-day life into an immersive, engaging and motivating journey.

The customer journey is powered by people and technology with contact center agents at the center of the experience. Gamification has a profound impact on restoring the agent engagement levels, improving customer experience, and delivering a positive impact to the omni-channel customer journey.

You will observe increased employee motivation as agents embrace the nGagement platform. The simple and easy-to-use interface offers an immersive experience, allowing agents to self-manage performance and to surpass objectives. Begin to see performance results in just weeks, and significant ROI within 3 to 6 months.

Engage & Motivate Workforce – Encourage contact center agents and sales teams to achieve objective in a sustainable way by immersing them in fun, game-like environment.

Improve Performance – Gain a complete view of KPI’s and employee engagement levels. Increase team productivity and drive performance through intrinsic motivators.

Gain Insight & Anticipate Risks – Leverage artificial intelligence and analytics to anticipate turnover risks. Gain agent-level insights, build dynamic plans for success, and foresee workforce attrition.


Track Performance & Gamify KPI’s – Offer a better understanding of performance in real-time to agents and supervisors, while tracking KPIs in a singe place.

Automate Contests & Challenges – Easily launch contests using relevant metrics and qualifiers. Results are automatically generated.

Encourage Friendly Challenges & Send Sparks – Agents can invite peers to friendly challenges. Supervisors can send an extra push of encouragement with a Spark.

Enable Peer Recognition – Agents can earn badges and GUVUs, track their progress, see real-time ranking, and share their accomplishments.

Automate Quality & NPS Monitoring – Managers gain next-level automation in Quality and NPS monitoring. Visualize results for teams and individual agents.

Gain Insight On Opportunities & Risks – Gain supervisor-level access and complete real-time visualization of contact center results; performance data, attrition risks, absenteeism, trends, quality control, and more.

nGUVU revolutionizes the contact center industry by creating a better every day work experience. Agents are at the center of the omnichannel customer journey, and nGAGEMENT motivates them to achieve objectives through an immersive and gamified environment. We love happy agents!

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