Polish and perfect your IVR solution with professional voice talent.

Who’s Answering Your Modern-Day Front Door?

Is it an internally-recorded voice that doesn’t fit your corporate image? Is it an over-the-top “radio announcer” voice that doesn’t sound like a real person? Or is it a brand-consistent voice actor that makes your caller experience sound more friendly and pleasant?

With an AVDS IVR solution, your company is off to a great start for enhancing customer contacts, routing interactions, and saving money. Now that the technology is in place, it’s time to perfect your application with a professional voice that fits your brand and the needs of your calling audience. AVDS has partnered with the leading provider of voice talent, GM Voices, to offer hundreds of voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects. With a simplified ordering process, it’s never been easier to create and maintain a professional-sounding application for any market. No long wait times for your recordings. Quick turn around times on updates. Many of GM Voices’ top voice actors record on the same day in weekly or bi-weekly recording sessions. Just email a script and within a few days you’ll receive ready-to-load audio. Our support engineers are ready to assist. And, order bundling allows us to offer you the most economical rates.

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