Is your CX suffering due to a neglected employee engagement? Get Workforce Management!

If your workforce isn’t optimized, chances are your customer experience is suffering because of it. Workforce Management is just what the doctor ordered.

Research by Dimension Data shows that almost 60% of businesses surveyed have no solution in place for accurately managing the forecasting, planning, and adherence processes across all channels. Improving the customer experience (CX) with a focus on the customer engagement is undoubtedly a critical aspect of the successful contact center. Yet, attention to the Employee Engagement is often neglected. If your contact center team is disengaged or disconnected, chances are your customer experience is suffering. That is where a solid workforce management / workforce optimization strategy comes in.

What is Workforce Management (WFM) / Workforce Optimization (WFO)?

Workforce Management / Workforce Optimization is a process of leveraging technology to maximize the productivity of your employees. By ensuring the availability of all the right resources at the right time, a properly implemented workforce optimization plan will address the needs of forecasting, agent scheduling, skills management, performance management, and employee empowerment.

In what areas does a WFM / WFO strategy improve the employee engagement?

A successful WFM / WFO strategy ensures that your customers are quickly interacting with your business via the proper channel while working with the proper agent. An optimally tuned contact center results in an effortless customer journey and an exceptional customer experience.

What components make up a comprehensive Workforce Optimization Solution?

What business objectives must be satisfied?

  • Improve the customer experience
    • Ensure customer interactions and tasks go to the right resource
    • Boost efficiency and the bottom line
    • Enforce schedule adherence across all channels
  • Reduced operating costs
    • Simplify control within a single platform
    • Planning accuracy and consistency through automation
    • Prediction and forecasting via reality-based workload data
  • Increase agent satisfaction and reduce employee turnover
    • Easy to use tools for agents and employees
    • Enablement and development through ongoing assessments and training
    • Engagement through gamification

AVDS specializes in contact center solutions. Our team of strategic consultants and certified engineers can help you create and implement a successful strategy for planning and managing your workforce. We simplify and automate technology to easily solve your most complex business challenges. Just one more way AVDS makes it easy to do business. Contact us today!

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