How can Process Automation help my business?


The Challenge – Many businesses today still face the challenge of automating their business processes. Camden Property Trust, one of the largest publicly traded multifamily companies in the United States was challenged with an antiquated and inadequate system to support the business objective of providing superior customer service.  “We want to be the best in the business,” said Alison Hall, Vice President of Contact Center Operations at Camden Property Trust. “We answer the phone in less than 20 seconds, and our agents provide knowledgeable responses.”

”We maxed out our old system’s functionality,” said Hall. “We wanted to take on management of maintenance requests from residents, which prompted the need for a system that could automate business processes and provide reliable 24/7 service.”

The Solution – #Camden got help from #AVDS, which designs, installs and maintains IP telephony systems for the contact center and enterprise. Based on the Camden requirements, AVDS suggested the #Genesys PureConnect all-in-one customer engagement platform.  Also available as part of the PureConnect platform was the Interaction Process Automation (IPA) application. IPA was unique in that it used proven contact center technologies to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, track and manage work throughout an entire business process lifecycle. “IPA tilted the decision in favor of Genesys,” said Hall. “We liked the idea of making processes and policies more efficient for our customers. We also felt very comfortable having AVDS and Genesys as our partners in this process. We knew they could create the customizations that would help grow our services.”

The decision was made to purchase IPA and the PureConnect platform, which integrated with the Camden property management software. Camden also purchased the workforce optimization solution including quality monitoring, multichannel recording and workforce management.

The Benefits – “Overall, the PureConnect platform and IPA gave us the tools to effectively manage interactions 24/7 by our in-house agents,” said Hall. “This is a big advantage. We have Camden employees trained to provide superior levels of customer service to every caller. Plus, we have many more options for tailoring our services now and in the future, including tighter controls over service quality.”

Bottom line, combining the PureConnect platform with the IPA solution has helped Camden exceed the expectations of their customers, who increasingly demand more efficient and personalized service. “Our prospects and renters have high expectations for customer care,” said Hall. “The PureConnect platform and IPA have enabled us to provide excellent customer service, while making it fast and easy for us to adapt to new service requirements as customer needs change.”

The Results

  • Faster service by automating maintenance request processes.
  • Competitive advantage gained by accurately capturing and providing detailed information.
  • Easy IVR options enable more convenient and proactive service.

The task of digitally transforming your business processes may seem daunting. Yet, when properly implemented, Business Process Automation can save you time, frustration, and money. All resulting in a more cohesive, streamlined team and improved CX (customer experience).

Key Features of Interaction Process Automation:

  • Streamlined Communications – With tools such as visual dashboards, your team is able to collaborate more simply and effectively to accomplish workflow tasks.
  • Accountability – Each process has an owner with transparent visibility to the team. This removes overlap and grey areas for the team.
  • Status Awareness – Easy for the team to see status of a process and/or workflow.
  • Establish Approval Hierarchy – No question on sign-offs and approvals keeps the workflow moving.
  • Minimize Costs and Errors – By reducing the chance for manual errors, automating the business process reduces time spent off task and doing double-work. Thereby, reducing the cost of business.

Download your copy of the IPA Datasheet for more info on Genesys Interaction Process Automation®

Read more about the IPA Solution for Camden Property Trust.

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