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When is the last time you called a taxi on the phone instead of ordering up an affordable easy ride with a just a few clicks of an app? The same desire for ease of operation holds true for all aspects of business. #Genesys is making it easy with #Kate. Kate uses technology that is tailored to customers’ journeys and behaviors as well as your employees’ needs. Kate works seamlessly with live agents to deliver “Blended AI by Genesys”, offering exceptional automated and live customer experiences while running smart businesses.

Did you know human-assisted interactions cost $5 to $15 more per interaction than chat or voice channels while an automated self-service transaction can cost as little as $0.20 per interaction?*

Adopting self-service automation includes other benefits that are harder to quantify, yet equally important, such as:

  • Faster service and delivery, including reduced call volumes and improved first contact resolution
  • Improved agent and customer satisfaction
  • Better customer experience.

Click here for Blended AI for the Customer Experience: Bots and Automation Collide With The Power of Human Touch

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