Could Your Communications System Be At Risk?

It’s that time of the year, again. Storms, hurricanes, floods, and other inclement weather is upon us. Your business could be impacted at any time by a natural or other disaster that could disable your communications systems. AVDS provides Business Continuity (“BC”) and Disaster Recovery (“DR”) solutions to reduce your risk and protect your vital communications infrastructure. Our BC/DR solution offers PBX functionality for your business users and an abbreviated attendant menu with limited contact center functionality for your customers.

Follow these Helpful Tips to be prepared and protect your communications systems and equipment:

  • Store AVDS support contact numbers in your cell phone.
  • If you do not have a redundant system in a secure data center, we strongly recommend that you follow proper procedures to shut down your phone and other servers.  NOTE: Back-up battery sources many not sustain lengthy power outages and if surge protection is not in place, when power is returned, it can damage your equipment.  If you are unsure of how to properly shut down your equipment, please contact us for assistance.
  • Back up all system and data files and store the back-up in a safe place/take with you in case your system goes down.  The back-up files will be required in order to restore your system if it is affected by the storm.
  • Disconnect any equipment not in use (e.g., telephones) and place in a location off the ground.
  • If you are evacuating, take your equipment and/or back-up with you.
  • Make sure cell phones, laptops, and other electronics have fresh batteries.
  • Move computers and other equipment away from windows.  Close mini-blinds.

Don’t let a storm, flood, or other natural disaster put your business at risk. Contact AVDS today to request an expert evaluation of your communications platform. We will determine what you need to be prepared for the worst while running the best.




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