An unpleasant experience during the customer journey can lead to a terrible destination.

It’s often said, “It’s not the destination, it is the journey”. Philosophically true as that may be, it isn’t always the case for the business world.

When I was a kid we took a lot of road trips. And, though the family experience was always great, it wasn’t always pleasant. That’s okay, it was family and we always made it home, happily. However, an unpleasant experience during the customer journey can lead to a terrible destination.

The trend towards “self-service first” is clear in today’s customer journey. CFI Group recently reported in “Contact Center Satisfaction Index” that 72% of those surveyed visited digital channels to resolve their issue before contacting a live customer service agent. But, they don’t want self-service when they are calling. When contacting customer service 79% called on the phone to reach a live agent. This data underscores the importance of managing every channel of the Customer Experience Journey: Digital Contact, Automated Interactions, and Live Human Agents.

CFI Group also reported that 46% of consumers share their customer service experience with others. And we know that consumers are more likely to share a negative or unpleasant experience than a good one. In a survey by Dimensional Research sponsored by ZenDesk, it was found that 50% were more likely to share a negative review on social media and online. This word-of-mouth power equates to the Net Promoter Score: What is the likelihood that a customer will recommend your company? After a negative experience? Not likely at all.

That brings us to the ultimate customer journey destination: An effortless customer experience. A happy customer is usually a loyal customer. And, happy agents are loyal agents.

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